Welcome to Edible Landscapers!



Hey there!

Thanks again for reaching out to us on the web. We’re glad you’re here and are excited at the prospect of the opportunity to work with you.

On this page, we have included some information about how we got started in this business. Keep reading on down below to find out all about it!

In the beginning…

We had no idea that we would be doing landscaping for a profession. Each one of us met at a small landscaping company (much like this one) where we were working over the summers to pay off our college loans. Ironically, we were all either philosophy or anthropology majors. We had dreams of going into academia to further the work of social justice and progression. We became good friends through work and discussion. However, when we graduated, we realized that the prospects of jobs would be a long time coming. So, while we pursued graduate degrees, we started our own landscaping business in the meantime.


We never anticipated the business to take off as much as it did. Our previous experience landscaping gave us a huge upper hand in the competition. With this new success, we decided to make it a goal to keep the business alive and give our customers the best service possible while maintaining environmentally ethical principles in our work. This extends to even our tree service “branch” of our company. We are definitely excited about what we’ve experienced so far with Edible Landscapers, and we are stoked to continue the journey with you, our next customer. Cheers!